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Contour Plus 50 strips

Contour Plus 50 strips

CONTOUR®PLUS Test StripIntroducing the CONTOUR®PLUS Test Strip for use with the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE and CONTOUR®PLUS metersFeatures: Delivers accurate results, even at lower blood glucose concentrations – where reliable readings are critically important Unaffected by many common interfering substances* Automatic hematocrit correction and an advanced algorithm provide accuracy across a wide hematocrit range – from 0% to 70% Sip-in® sampling helps get the right amount of blood on the first try Second-Chance® sampling No Coding® technology Tiny 0.6 μL sample size 5-second test countdownCONTOUR®PLUS test strips work with CONTOUR®PLUS ONE and CONTOUR®PLUS meters for impressive accuracy: Closer to lab results so you can test with confidence1 No Coding® technology eliminates errors due to miscoding Second-Chance® Sampling allows you to add more blood, when the first sample isn't enough ..

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