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Accu-Chek Active (50 Strips)

Accu-Chek Active (50 Strips), DSS-9, Blood Glucose Monitors & Strips
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Accu-Chek Active (50 Strips)
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Check your blood glucose level at home with this pack of 50 test strips designed for Accu-Chek Active glucometer. Simple and effective, these test strips will help you regularly keep tabs on diabetes.

Easy and Hygienic

These test strips are designed to spread the blood quickly and hygienically over the test area.

Easy Re-Dosing

If the amount of the blood on the strip is insufficient, you can reapply it within 10 seconds after the first application.


These strips are suitable for self-testing at home, as well as for hospitals.


  • Model Name
    • Active Test Strips - 50
  • Model Number
    • Active Test Strips - 50
  • Minimum Blood Sample Needed
    • 1.2 microlitre
  • Measuring Range
    • 10 mg/dL - 600 mg/dL
  • Number of Strips
    • 50 Strips
  • Number of Lancets
    • 0 Lancets

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