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Almex 400 mg Tablet

Almex 400 Tab, Albendazole, Albendazole
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Almex 400 mg Tablet
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Single or mixed intestinal infections caused by various helminths.

Dosage & Administration:

12to 24 months: 200 mg as a single dose (Half of Almex® 400 tablet or 5 ml Almex® suspension).Adults & children (over 2 years): Ascariasis, enterobiasis, trichuriasis & hookworm infestation - 400 mg (One Almex® 400 tablet or 10 ml Almex® suspension) single dose. Strogyloidiasis or taeniasis - 400 mg once daily for three consecutive days. Giardiasis - 400 mg once daily for five days. Hydatid disease (Echinococcosis)-400 mg twice dailyfor 28 days. For cystic echinococcosis the 28-days course may be repeated after 14 days without treatment to a total of three treatment cycles. For alveolar echinococcosis, 400 mg twice daily for 28 days followed by 14 days wShow more

Almex® 400 Tablet: Each box contains 12×4’s tablets in blister pack.

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