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Ben-A 10ml Susp

Ben-A 10ml Susp, 5, Albendazole
Ben-A 10ml Susp
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Ben-A 10ml Susp

Composition :

Tablet 400 : Albendazole USP 400 mg.

Suspension : Albendazole USP 200 mg / 5 ml.

Indications :

Hookworm, Roundworm, Threadworm, Whipworm, Strongyloides, Tapeworm, Opisthorchis, Hydatid and in giardiasis.

Dosage & Administration :

Adults & children (over two years): 400 mg as a single dose. In cases of strongyloidiasis or taeniasis, 400 mg (one Ben-A® tablet or 10 ml Ben-A® suspension) as a single dose should be given for three consecutive days. Giardiasis : 400 mg (one Ben-A® tablet or 10 ml Ben-A® suspension) once daily for five days. Children of 1 - 2 years of age : Recommended dose is a single dose of 200 mg (half of 400 mg Ben-A® tablet) or 5 ml Ben-A® suspension. Children under 1 year of age : Not recommended. In the treatment of Echinococcosis, Ben-A® (Albendazole) is given by mouth with meals in a dose of 400 mg twice daily for 28 days for patients weighing over 60 kg. A dose of 15 mg / kg body weight daily in two divided doses (to a maximum total daily dose of 800 mg) is used for patients weighing less than 60 kg. For cystic Echinococcosis the 28 day course may be repeated after 14 days without treatment to a total of three treatment cycles. For alveolar Echinococcosis, cycles of 28 days of treatment followed by 14 days without treatment may need to continue for months or years.

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