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A Phenicol 10 ml Eye Drops

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A Phenicol 10 ml Eye Drops
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A Phenicol


Chloramphenicol is a broad spectrum antibiotic, isolated in 1947 from streptomyces venezuelae. It is primarily bacteriostatic and acts by inhibition of protein synthesis. It has been noted that chloramphenicol is found in measurable amounts in the aqueous humor following local application to the eye. Development of resistance to Chloramphenicol is minimum for staphylococci and many other species of bacteria.


EYE OINTMENT : Each gm contains 10 mg of Chloramphenicol BP in a special base. It is a sterile eye ointment.

EYE/EAR DROPS : Each ml eye/ear drops contains Chloramphenicol BP 5 mg. It is a sterile eye / ear drops.


A-PHENICOL is indicated in surface ocular infections involving the conjunctiva and/or cornea caused by Chloramphenicol susceptible organisms. A-PHENICOL is also active against common bacterial pathogens, E.coli, Klebsiella, Niesseria sp., H.influenzae, Enterobacter sp., Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae.

A-PHENICOL is also indicated in ear canal infection.


A-PHENICOL Eye Ointment

A PHENICOL eye ointment should be used every three hours. Administration should be continued day and night for the first 48 hours after which the interval between application may be increased and continued for at least 2 days after the eye appears normal.

A-PHENICOL Eye/Ear Drops

For eye : 2 drops of solution every 1 hour, until condition improves or instill 4 times daily depending on severity of infection. For ear : (Adult & Children) : 2 or 3 drops in the affected ear 2-3 times daily. OR AS DIRECTED BY THE PHYSICIAN.


Chloramphenicol is contraindicated in patients sensitive to any of its components.


Ophthalmic ointments may retard corneal wound healing. So patients with corneal disease should take precautions while using this medicine.


A-PHENICOL Eye Ointment : A-PHENICOL Eye Ointment is supplied in 5 gm

collapsible tube.

A-PHENICOL Eye/Ear Drops : A-PHENICOL Eye/Ear Drops is supplied in 10 ml

plastic bottle with dropper.

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